Ott Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Host or Join Watch Parties with People around the World!

You can’t understand the OTT Party as a lesser-known streaming platform in the world of streaming & entertainment. From then to now, the OTTParty has expanded its streaming sphere on the entertainment front. Therefore, organizing your watch party by downloading the OTT Party extension is all worth it. And once you download it, nobody can stop you from organizing your OTTParty for your friends and family. Do you think your close ones live far away from you or in distant places? Then, don’t worry as the facility of OTTParty is available worldwide.

Sounds amazing, right? But besides, global access also provides a number of other amazing features. So turn your party mode “On” and invite all your friends to your OTT Watch Party. Where you can watch movies, shows, or series and have fun with them. And don’t worry; if you think that organizing unlimited watch parties will cost you nothing. As installing and accessing OTT Party extension is cost-effective for its users. To know the rest of the other processes, such as installing and using this extension, go straight to the downward one.


How to use OTT Party

An OTTParty extension can be your best friend to relieve all your old memories with your friends and family members. So let’s get started with how’s this user-friendly extension works:

Extension Installation
Pin the Extension
Visit the streaming website
Play Video
Create an OTT party URL
Join an OTT Party


Your OTT Watch Party needs to be completed with the essence of its user-friendly features. Therefore, you can use its features while streaming to rock your watch party even more. And these are:

Available Worldwide
Personalize Your Watch Party
Live Chat
Control Of The Watch Party
Synchronization and HD Resolution
Free To Use

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